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24 - 27 Sep 2018

21st ISTRO Conference, Paris

21st ISTRO Conference

ISTRO is an international association whose objective is to stimulate research on tillage, compaction and, more broadly, to contribute to soil protection and to improve soil quality. ISTRO is organizing the 21st International Soil Tillage Research Organization (ISTRO) Conference in Paris, which will be held from Monday 24th to Thursday 27th of September 2018.

Updated on 08/10/2018
Published on 11/08/2017

The association also aims to encourage the application of the results of such research into agricultural practice.

ISTRO organizes an international conference every three years to review progress in terms of research and innovation. The conference brings together 250 to 350 participants ranging from soil scientists to agricultural field advisers, engineers from technical institutes or in agro-equipment companies and teachers.

The scientific topics during the conference will focus on advances in soil structure characterization, soil compaction, biogeochemical processes and carbon sequestration, with a special interest in soil ecology and ecosystem services. Equipment strategies will also be discussed with soil tillage strategies, smart farming, tire and tillage equipment design.

This conference will be an excellent opportunity to present research, share ideas and develop new perspectives in soil and tillage research to address these challenges. It is organized with the collaboration of: AgroParisTech, Arvalis-Institut du végétal, Terres Inovia, ISARA Lyon and INRA.

Practical information

All the information on the conference website: http://istro2018.webistem.com

Conference venue: Cité Universitaire Internationale 17 boulevard Jourdan 75014 PARIS - FRANCE

Programme and Registration

  • Sunday 23: Pre-conference board meeting, registration
  • Monday 24: Opening ceremony, sessions
  • Tuesday 25: Sessions, poster session
  • Wednesday 26: One-day field excursion & commercial exhibition
  • Thursday 27: Conference, poster session
  • 28/09 – 01/10: Post-conference tour

Schedule: http://istro2018.webistem.com/schedule/

Abstract Submissions until 1 March 2018