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Guillaume Martin, recipient of the 2019 INRA Promising Researcher Award © Yoann Leguistin

Agricultural systems for more robust livestock farming

Guillaume Martin is a researcher in the Joint Research Unit for Agrosystems and Territorial Development at INRA’s Occitanie-Toulouse centre, and winner of the 2019 INRA Promising Researcher Award.

By Pascale Mollier, translated by Inge Laino
Updated on 12/09/2019
Published on 11/19/2019

This film will shortly be available with English subtitles

Since the start of his career, Guillaume Martin has taken an interest in how farms adapt to the unexpected, whether in terms of climate or fluctuations in the market.

Specialising in livestock farming, he created one of the first “serious games” for agriculture. Thanks to a board game called Forage Rummy, breeders can get together to design animal rearing scenarios tailored to their needs, resources and goals. Once they come up with a scenario, a computer model provides an evaluation of its performance thanks to a set of indicators, such as how well it meets animal feed requirements, changes in forager supplies, and food costs.

Guillaume is also interested in the conversion of dairy farms to organic models, which is very effective in reducing the vulnerability of said farms once they are based on the transition toward autonomous and economical grassland systems. He has also studied the benefits of combined crop-livestock farms in territories, with a view to paving the way toward the agroecological transition.

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Science for Action and Development, Environment and Agronomy
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